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Our Story

Deckhands of the Month

Aye, Aye Mates!!!! Anchors aweigh…All hands on deck!

When our Commodore, Rob Mora, took over the helm in January, he told us to get our sea legs ready as he began to navigate us in the direction that our prior Commodore saw on the horizon. As we set sail, he battened down the hatches and began to focus on a better way to navigate our deckhands through a website that could not only host activities and other announcements but also provide additional features that would make it easier to safely sail the following seas [lake] for the upcoming year. Although we were pretty even-keeled, we needed to make sure we were squared-riffed and squared away and wanted to have, among other things, our activities highlighted, announce volunteer opportunities, advertise, and sell our merchandise, and collect dues in one convenient location.

So mates, do NOT be caught dead in the water over the next year! As we cast off, look for opportunities to how you can be our Deckhand of the Month! The Canyon Lake Yacht Club will be on the crow’s nest looking for that deckhand that goes the extra mile and guides us towards our destination. We have our map above but are always open to veering new courses too!


Here are the CLYC members that have helped us on our journey this year!

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