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About the Canyon Lake Yacht Club


First, let's clear up one thing - there are no "yachts" in the Canyon Lake Yacht Club. There are no yachts in Canyon Lake since the community restricts the size of boats to no longer than 21'6". Not all club members own boats but those that do, have vessels of all types from pontoon boats to ski and wakeboard boats to electric runabout boats.

Second, you don't have to even have a boat to join. If you live here, you love the lake, and you want to make friends and have fun while enjoying the beauty of Canyon Lake, you're eligible to join. Read about membership here.

Canyon Lake Yacht Club was established in 1990 by Canyon Lake residents who loved to get out on the lake. Since that time it has operated as a social and philanthropic club within the Canyon Lake constellation of clubs and organizations. In 2023 the Club was granted non-profit status by the IRS and the State of California as a 501(c)3 charitable organization. This allows us to receive tax-deductible contributions, which means that we're able to give more to charitable causes.

Also in 2023, the Canyon Lake Yacht Club (CLYC) became affiliated with the Yachting Club of America (YCA) and the Southern California Yachting Association (SCYA), two excellent yachting associations. This provides a way for our Membership Plus members to visit and enjoy the reciprocal rights of almost 800 yacht clubs in the U.S. (Note: adherence to dress code required; admittance not guaranteed). Members also enjoy privileges at many international yacht clubs with their membership card from the Canyon Lake Yacht Club.

We maintain a fun and busy social calendar, bringing members together for dinners, cruises and other recreation. We also sponsor and participate in several charity or community building events each year. Signature events of the Yacht Club include the annual holiday Parade of Lights, Opening Day/Blessing of the Boats, Lake Clean Up days, our annual scholarship award luncheon where we award scholarships to local college students, the Pirates & Wenches Cruise and Party, and our three free clinics on how to drive a boat, maintain and trick out your boat, and decorating your boat for the annual holiday Parade of Lights. We also have many other unique events like our Party on the Water events, and full-moon moonlight cruises, as just two examples of 44 annual events.

The club's bylaws are posted HERE


The board members of the Yacht Club keep the business of the club moving forward while working to bring more value to members. Our objective is for every member to enjoy this great club.


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