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Safety Inspection and Checklist
for Canyon Lake Boaters

From Lake & Marina Rules, LM.11.1 and 11.2, in the Canyon Lake Property Owners Manual, version 68, updated February 7, 2023


In order to receive a compliance certificate, the safety checklist requirements and safety inspection must be completed and approved by the Marine Patrol.

LM.11.1 Requirements for Safety Inspection
Certain requirements must be met to obtain a compliance certificate.

A safety inspection will be required for:

  • A new boat.

  • A new member with a boat.

  • An existing member with a boat every two (2) years.

  • Change of Ownership

The safety inspection must be obtained from Marine Patrol during regular hours of operation.

LM.11.2 Safety Check List

In order to obtain a compliance certificate, these safety check list items will be verified at the time of inspection, as applicable.

  • Registering Documents

  • State Numbering

  • Sound Producing Device

  • Coast Guard Approved Personal Flotation Device (PFD)

  • Alternate Propulsion (paddle, oars, etc.)

  • Fenders

  • Navigation Lights

  • Coast Guard Approved Fire Extinguisher (type B1)

  • Visual Distress Signal (Red Flag)

  • Backfire Flame Arrester - inboard motors only

  • Fuel System

  • Electrical System

  • Engine Sound Level (LM.11.3 below)

  • Overall Vessel Condition

  • Boat Safety Exam


For safety and responsible operation, these discussion items will also be verified at the time of examination.

  • Rules of the Road

  • Responsible for Wake

  • Safe Operation

  • Operator Instructions

  • Accident Reporting


Completion of the CLPOA Boat Owners Safety Exam will be verified at the time of inspection. The exam will be available to take online by visiting the CLPOA Web Site and following the link from the Home Page. If a Member is unable to take the test online a written exam will be given at the time of inspection.

LM.11.2a Approval of Safety Inspection - If the approval requirements are met, the safety inspection will pass and the compliance certificate will be issued and signed off by the examiner.

LM.11.2b Failure of Safety Inspection - If the approval requirements are not met, the safety inspection will fail and notation(s) will be made by the examiner on the compliance certificate requiring corrective action be taken before the compliance certificate will be signed off.


LM.11.3 Sound Level Measurement

At the time of inspection, boats with above-water, exposed or otherwise unmuffled exhaust system will be required to provide a dockside sound level measurement test. The motorboat exhaust sound level must be 90 dBA for engines manufactured before January 1, 1993 and 88 dBA for those manufactured on or after January 1, 1993. The measurement shall be performed utilizing a calibrated sound level meter.


Important note: The above information is from the POA Rules & Regulations manual of February 2023. Be sure to confirm the latest information at Canyon Lake POA Rules & Regulations.

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